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I was feeling sentimental. I decided to log back into this account and tell my story. As much as I can remember! I've been on here for what seems like forever. I haven't been on this website all 14 years. I'm two years older than the website myself XD SENIORITY FTW! :dummy: But happy birthday, deviantArt! One of my favorite websites to this day!

Well, where to start? I guess the beginning. I started when I was about 11. I'm turning 16 in (HOLY CRAP I JUST REALIZED THIS, OMG I'M FREAKING OUT) 8 days exactly. So keep that in mind XD It was fifth grade I believe. No wait, the summer of post-fourth grade. I was really into drawing Mario at the time. And especially Luigi. My first account was called Luigilord, which is the base for most of the usernames I still use just because I can't think of anything better. Even my new account's username is unmemorable. My username for THIS account was a weird, maybe interesting story. I was playing ROM of Yoshi's Cookie on my computer, and I liked that Mario was dressed as a baker. Anyway, I edited a Paper Mario audience sprite to make Luigi into a chef. And thus, my username came about. I had discovered the website "The Spriters' Resource," and I had downloaded literally every sprite sheet every because I thought I was going to be the next Super Mario Bros. Z creator or something. I never even got around to that really because even back then I was super lazy. I spent way too much time on the computer. I constantly had a headache because I spent so much time between the computer and the Wii or GameCube.

Because all I did was play Mario, all I knew was Mario. My world was in Mario. That's all I drew, thought, talked about. Mario and other Nintendo stuff. And sprite sheets. I made a lot of sprite sheet things back in the day. One day I posted one, and Doopliss213 invited me to join his Mario spriters group. We had this chat room in there. Those were the days. Then I got into the world of Mario OCs. God XD never again. Then there was the attack of BabyDaisy12/13, which caused me to meet HeatherTFennec, who is one of my two best friends on this website that I haven't actually met in real life. The other one being 8BitMonkey.

One big part of this whole website for me was being able to share my animations. My dad taught me how to use Macromedia Flash 8 when I was only 7. I figured out a lot on my own, but then he got Adobe Flash CS3, and I had to kind of relearn some stuff. But I'm in love with animating. That is what I want to do in life. I want to be an animator, and possibly a video game dev if I can get around to it (and not set unrealistic goals like a lot of kids who want to be game devs) and my fallback plan is to be an engineer of some sort. But if my band gets really successful when we release an album in a couple years, that will be my main project and animating on the side to get enough money to live XD

But despite the fact that I question why I did so much fanart, here are some of my favorite pieces of Fanart I've done: (Skip ahead for the rest of the story)
Happy Valentine's 2012 by Luigi-the-Chef'Mario Puppet Pals' by Luigi-the-Chef <--- that's an animation.

Old School-ish Mario by Luigi-the-ChefDK POW by Luigi-the-Chef

Wario Cute? by Luigi-the-Chef I want to say that this is still one of my favorite things I've drawn and I want to redraw it in fact XD I'll be uploading it to this account and to my new one as well.

Back to the story.

I had a hiatus after 6th grade. Well, I slowly faded out of drawing for a while in middle school. I took art every year until eighth grade (the year I barely drew anything), because I really wanted to take some keyboarding class so I would stop typing with one finger. That helped me a lot. But I had been gaming so much, that I had good ENOUGH typing form, the WASD style XD but I drew all the freaking time in that keyboarding class, in MS Paint. I had a bunch of hilarious doodles I made in that. I lost that Flash drive on the bus in ninth grade this past year ;-; I was going to return to deviantArt after a three year hiatus with all these silly little drawings. But in 9th grade, I realized I hadn't drawn any Mario stuff in a long time, and I realized it was time to move on from that. So I did! Also, in 8th grade, I "discovered" grunge music XD I really love rock music of mostly all kinds. Not too big on heavier heavy metal or lighter indie rock though. But I enjoy punk, grunge, blues rock (what Led Zeppelin is by modern standards, but back in the 70's was considered heavy metal)  just a lot of genres. That's not important though. But that kind of helped me phase out of fan art, as it inspires me to draw whatever floats through my mind. So it is kind of important. I guess.

And I met my current girlfriend, cygann in 9th grade as well. When we were talking in PE one day before we started dating, I had mentioned how I used to use deviantArt all the time, and she said "Oh, you should check my account out!" I didn't say anything about it for a few days to her, neither of us exchanged usernames. I was embarrassed about my art slightly, BUT! I found out she had a similar case of the fanart disease. She was a Sonic fanartist XD And she wanted to move on, just as I wanted to do. So we sort of did that together! She is an AMAZING artist! Seriously! check her out! You'll probably find the link to my new account on her page. You know what, I think I'll just link it. But there's NOT going to be any fan art, or sprites or anything like that. I'm sort of still finding my style. But I'm getting some water colors soon, and I'll be more active on it!

New account: :iconcrazed-and-excused:Crazed-and-Excused.

You know what? I think I'll probably even take a picture of myself and upload it as my ID. Maybe. Yeah. I guess I will. I'll take a good one.

And I probably wouldn't be here on this website today if it wasn't for these people:
NethBlack who was a friend at the beginning, but I don't remember much about that whole stuff.
JaZ-dA-ArTiST, who was a friend of mine near the beginning when I was in my sprite sheet phase
Doopliss213, who I haven't spoken to in forever for whatever reason
And a lot more who have changed their art styles and usernames.........

Also my parents, as they are where I get my artistic-ness from, and my animating ability.

I love this website. It really can pull people together. I wish the fanart category was a smaller portion though, it's hard for non-fan-artists to get recognized unless they've got a great gimmick or ungodly abilities. But I'll get there on my new account I'm sure. Happy birthday, deviantArt, and many more to come!
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Happy birthday buddy, hope you have a wonderful day today.
Also be sure to wish for something before you blow out the candles by the way.
One more thing, here's a (virtual) cake and some (virtual) presents from me. 
Hope you enjoy 'em. And don't forget to have a splendid time today. 
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Hiya c:
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